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Sun City Center REALTORS-Living the Lifestyle-We Invite You to Join Us



Who would have thought back in 1965 (WHS Graduation)that in 2013 we would be turning 67. Time does fly by when you are having fun......


Our Classmates would be great neighbors, consider coming for a month rental in the off season to try before you buy, you will not regret your decision to head south.



Yes, we are all approaching retirement if we are not there already. Of course, the economy is not being kind to all of us. We will probably never retire because right now we are living in paradise.

In 2003 we decided the New England weather was a thing of the past for us. Tom sold his business, I was selling real estate after 20 years working in the high tech industry. We sold our house, gave away our furnishings and headed to Florida.

We now live in Sun City Center an active adult community just south of Tampa where we never expected to remain after all, we are not old people! We searched the entire mid-Florida and west-Florida area and could not find a community that has to offer what we have here in Sun City Center. We also found that not everyone is old or maybe it is that we are getting older..... Some are old but act young and then again some young people act old.......

To quote our friend Bill a retired New York Police Officer, "Life in Kings Point is like being on vacation all the time except I have a mailbox."

There is no better time to buy property in our area. Our demographics are such that we have very few foreclosures, we have block constructed homes, not manufactured homes current pricing starting in the $30's and going up to $700's. Our sellers are realistic and have priced their homes based on the current market and homes in our community sell at an average of 90% of asking price. To learn more about our community click here


I hear from prospective buyers that they could not possibly move away from their grandchildren. I heard that from Tom when I dragged him kicking and screeming. Wait until you hear our story.


Tom and I have two children and 3 grandsons as well as many MA and NH friends and family members. 2 of the 3 grandsons spent much time with us in MA living in the next town, they were very upset with us for moving. What I can tell you is that we arrived here in Sun City Center at the end of 2003 and our first visitors arrived Jan 9, 2004, and they never stopped coming. Many these visitors/lfriends now live here in Sun City Center. For the first year we were not alone for a two week period at all. We have never spent such quality time with our grandsons and our children. When we were up north they would stop in for dinner or a visit, we were a convenient babysitter. Now when they come to visit, they are our captive audience we get to spend days, a week or more of individual time with them. The grandsons now 16 and 12 are frequent flyers to visit with us. On several occasions we have spent time and money taking them to Disney and all they want to do is come back here and ride in the golf cart and swim in the pool.

We travel north to visit regularly but do it less and less each year. We head north and we sit at our childrens homes waiting for them to come home from work/school etc. Yes they are living their lives just like they did before we moved. We are here in Sun City Center enjoying an average annual temperature of 72 degrees.

In 2008 we were in MA for about 1 month total in June, September and December. We saw sunshine 1 day ONLY which was the day our classmate Enrico (Hank) Palumbo got married. Enrico and his wife Nancy currently live here in Sun City Center about 1/2 mile from us. We rode out the GREAT ICE STORM OF 2008, at our son's home in Lancaster MA, that was an experience we don't choose to have again. We enjoy our average temperature of 72 degrees.

There are several other active adult communities in our immediate area, Valencia Lakes, which is a smaller community of homes starting in price in the mid $100's and heading up. They have a lovely clubhouse as does South Shore Falls in Apollo Beach with homes priced similar to Valencia Lakes. They do not enjoy the maturity of Sun City Center. Sun City Center was the dream of developer Del Webb back in 1963 he choose this area because of it's location close to Tampa and St Pete airports, close to Tampa's cultural and sporting events and the proximity to the award winning Gulf beaches.


If the Valencia Lake or South Shore Falls communities look interesting to you, don't forget to contact us, you do need your own realtor when negotiating with representatives of the developer.

More on the subject of Del Webb's choice of this location is that we are not in a flood zone but only 7 miles from Tampa Bay. We have never had a direct hit from a hurricane. During the several storms of 2004 we got some rain but no damage. During one of the storms we had a power outage so Tom and I sat on our lanai (screened porch to you northerners) and played cards most of the day while waiting for the power to come back on. This is a far cry from the media coverage of the hurricanes.

I think you will enjoy these photos taken about 1 month apart, taken the last day at our Marlboro home, Dec 2003 and then in January 2004, when all the oranges ripened on our orange tree. Now what do you do with hundreds of oranges that ripen at the same time. We made orange juice, we mailed them to everyone we could think of at a cost of about $.50 per orange. The orange tree is now a thing of the past and a palm takes it's place.


Come and explore our community and begin LIVING THE LIFESTYLE.


Give us a call or drop an email to Judie or Tom we would enjoy hearing from you as friends from the past or future clients.


Looking forward to seeing you at the class reunion in October 2010